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900,000 Londoners ‘missing’ from electoral register

This week we launched our new voter registration site with Democracy Club,

The site maps the electoral register against ONS population data. We have found that there’s close to 900,000 eligible voters missing from the registers in London.

Register to vote

These Londoners who could vote are in danger of missing out on 23 June because they have failed to register. The deadline to register is 7 June.

You can type in your London postcode into the site and it will generate the results as a meme with an image from your local area that you can share via social media.

The new Mayor of London Sadiq Khan used the site and promoted the cause on both Facebook and Twitter, urging Londoners “you & your neighbours have less than a week to register to vote in the #EUref. Get involved.”

We received coverage for the campaign in the Evening Standard and will continue to push for voter registration until the deadline on Tuesday 7 June.

Contact: Naomi Smith,

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