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A Housing and Planning Bill that works for London

The Housing and Planning Bill had its Second Reading in the House of Lords on 26 January.

The Bill introduces a number of Conservative Party manifesto commitments such as starter homes and the sale of high-value council homes to fund, in part, the right to buy for housing association tenants.

London First sent a briefing to Lords calling for:

  • The Government to devolve the implementation of the starter homes initiative in London to the Mayor;
  • The Bill should consider how starter homes will affect different types of housing development, such as build to rent or student accommodation;
  • The Bill to provide greater detail regarding the delivery of the welcome ‘two for one’ commitment on replacing high value local authority housing; and
  • The Bill to include an explicit role for the Greater London Authority and by extension the London Land Commission with regard to the disposal of public land.

The Bill is now in at the committee stage. If you would like future updates please contact: Jonathan Seager,

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