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A new agenda for jobs and growth

Today we launch a new version of ‘London 2036: An agenda for jobs and growth’.

London finds itself in a new political and economic landscape with a change in government, a new mayor and, crucially, the impact of the vote to leave the EU.

Against this context, our updated report explores how the capital can retain its position as a global leading city.

In his Foreword, John Dickie, Director of Strategy and Policy at London First identifies fundamental next steps:

“There is no single agency we can call upon to deliver against the priorities we have identified: this is a call to action for London as a whole. Some issues should be business led, others require coalitions to make a case to central government, while others are in the hands of London government.

However, we believe that the Mayor of London, through his forthcoming economic development strategy, is well placed to convene, coordinate and drive this agenda by supporting or building coalitions across government, business and wider society.”

Three key themes emerge from the new report:

• Staying open for business – London as the Global Hub
Keeping trade and commerce open, securing access to international talent, attracting more overseas visitors and retaining London’s position as a top tourist hub

• Fuelling innovation and growth – London as the Creative Engine
Building on our reputation as a magnet for the tech sector by boosting our digital infrastructure and supporting innovative SMEs

• Addressing weaknesses – London; the City that Works
Ensuring we have the transport and infrastructure to support growth, that house building meets the population’s needs and that local talent is equipped for the future jobs market

The thread that ties everything together is London uniting with city-regions across the UK to drive economic prosperity for the country as a whole.

Use your influence to help us to get the right people talking about the recommendations. Read the full report share our  infographics with stand-out findings on social media and please circulate amongst your network.

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