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All sides need to work together to deliver a modern Tube network (26 August)

When Metronet was being pilloried in full public view for poor performance, London Underground was ready to praise Tube Lines. Now the Mayor and Tube Lines need marriage guidance counselling.  Are we really to believe that since London Underground has taken over the defunct Metronet’s contracts they have moved from unclassified to A-star – an evaluation that is difficult for an outsider to confirm or challenge, since under TfL’s cloak, they are hidden from the searching gaze of the independent Tube Arbiter. The final P in PPP stands for ‘partnership’.  In any partnership, mistakes and unforeseen challenges arise. London doesn’t need point scoring, it needs all sides to work together to create an efficient, modern Tube network, while keeping London moving.

Baroness Jo Valentine, chief executive, London First.

This letter appeared in the evening Standard on 26 August 2009

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