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Another step towards Crossrail 2

In another step towards Crossrail 2, Sir Merrick Cockell, Chair of the Crossrail 2 ‘Growth Commission’, has announced the team that will be working with him to help realise the wider economic and social benefits of the proposed rail line.

The Mayor of London announced the creation of the Commission in the summer, with a remit to help realise Crossrail 2’s full potential to boost economic growth in London and across the UK.

Sir Merrick is a former Chairman of the Local Government Association and leader of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The commission includes London First’s Jo Valentine among its members. A full list of the team can be found here.

The Commission is based on a model used effectively by HS2 to look beyond the scheme as solely a new railway line and to identify wider opportunities for regeneration, new housing, and job creation along the route.

Detailed terms of reference due to be published shortly and the Commission will report in the spring of 2016.

London First is keen to ensure a strong business input into the work of the Commission over the coming months and has invited Michele Dix and Sir Merrick to brief members on their work programme. We will be in touch as further details emerge.

Crossrail 2 will serve London, Hertfordshire, Surrey and other parts of the South East. It is vital to meet the demands of a rapidly growing population.

The Mayor believes Crossrail 2 could unlock up to 200,000 new homes and support 200,000 additional jobs across London and the South East, hence the Commission’s task of identifying the actions that will be needed to realise these benefits.

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