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Today’s apprentices: tomorrow’s capital

This morning, the Government published the results of an independent review into the future of apprenticeships in England. The Richard Review recognises the good provision that exists today, with many committed employers delivering valuable opportunities for their apprentices, and makes recommendations on how these programmes can raise the bar even further to help employers meet the needs of the changing economy.

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London First is a firm advocate of apprenticeships; we recognise the economic value they bring to a city such as London – caught between extremes of highly skilled excellence, which should be nurtured and encouraged, and unemployment, which must be tackled.

While London has coped with the recession better than the rest of the UK, our unemployment rate still remains higher than the national average.  We have 125,000 16-24 year olds not in education, employment or training – 1 in 7 of this age group.

Things are improving – there has recently been an increase in the number of jobs available in London and more people starting apprenticeships – but more still needs to be done. We can start by offering more young people the chance to become apprentices and learn skills that will improve their chances of long-term employability while providing businesses with untapped potential that will boost their productivity.

If you are an employer unsure about taking up an apprenticeship scheme, you may find ‘Today’s apprentices: tomorrow’s capital’ useful.  This short booklet recounts the experiences of London employers across a range of sectors that have used apprenticeships to access the skills available in the local workforce, and benefitted from them.

Today’s apprentices: tomorrow’s capital


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