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Being fleet of foot

Our business plan, which was adopted in 2013 and runs until 2020, is reviewed each year to ensure our focus remains the right one for the prevailing environment.

It is based on nine competitiveness ‘drivers’, which form the core work streams for the organisation, and at any one time a few ambitious ‘priorities’ drawn from these drivers.

We intend to move our year end to September to coincide with our membership year. So this business plan runs for 18 months, from April 2015 through to September 2016, thus covering the period from the 2015 General Election, through to the 2016 Mayoral election, and into the new Mayor’s first months in office.

The degree of uncertainty we face over the next 18 months means being fleet of foot will be crucial. So, in the next period we will be flexible in the weight given to different drivers at different times, with focus on our current priorities – housing and the Economic Development Agenda – dialled up and down as required.

This will allow us to prioritise areas that may come quickly to the fore following the General Election, such as infrastructure investment, air capacity, tax, immigration, and the EU.

To this end the latest plan is broken down into key stages:

– pre-General Election
– post-General Election
– pre- and post-Mayoral election

We will update this summary business plan in the summer to reflect the post-election landscape.

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