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Boris Johnson puts weight behind new Global Business Alliance

The first meeting of the Global Cities Business Alliance has taken place in the capital, addressed by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

With cities now generating 80% of global GDP, the Alliance provides a platform for leading global cities to work with firms so they can be competitive environments for business, maintain their vibrancy as centres for talent, creativity and innovation, and be good places to live.

Speaking at the summit, the Mayor said:

“In this time of increasing global urbanisation, there is both a global imperative and an opportunity for business and city leaders to work more closely together to ensure we develop better strategies and solutions to address our urban challenges, as well as to ensure our cities continue to thrive and generate the economic wealth required to support their citizens.”

The Alliance’s partners singed a communique in support of its mission to promote effective city-business collaboration.

Partner signatories included:

  • Bechtel
  • Capital and Counties Properties PLC
  • Clear Channel Outdoor
  • King & Wood Mallesons
  • MasterCard
  • PwC

The communique says that the shift in power from national governments to cities is being fuelled by population movement around the world into cities, as well as devolution policies.

While only 2% of the global population lived in cities in 1800, more than 50% does today and this is on track to be more than 75% by 2050, it noted.

The event started with a keynote by Prof. Michael J. Enright, followed by a set of round table discussions centred on the theme of ‘cities as clusters for talent & ideas’ and city-business interaction, drawing on a dedicated discussion paper.

The Alliance will focus on a set of key priorities annually through a programme of targeted work streams and interactive events, culminating in an Urban Economic Summit, the first to take place in London on 21 June 2016.

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