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Building our way out of a crisis

An innovative solution to London’s housing crisis has been offered up by a new study: building homes above schools, hospitals and prisons.

The study, by consultancy group WSP, has shown that there is room for 630,000 new homes in London above buildings owned by the public sector, with 77,000 alone as part of the redevelopment of existing NHS hospitals. Whilst there are number of issues that would need to be overcome to build these homes – not least the appetite of the general public – the report puts forward a convincing case for such development.

Some of the issues from our report Home Truths and the problems discussed in our recent report Moving Out were used in the analysis of this study. And London First was pleased to support the launch of the report at a WSP event where our head of housing, Jonathan Seager, chaired the debate.

The study ‘Building our way out of a crisis: Can we capitalise on London’s public assets to provide homes for the future’ can be found here.

Contact: Jonathan Seager

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