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Business calls for a rethink on police cuts

Business leaders across London have today urged Government to re-think cuts to police budgets following last weeks riots.

In an open letter to Home Secretary Theresa May, London First, the London Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses, say that the business community need stronger assurances from Government that cuts won’t impact on the police services’ ability to deal effectively with future large scale disorder. They also call for an independent review of police powers after a  review following protests in the West End earlier this year failed to see an action taken.

Michael Rooney, Chief Operating Officer at London First, said:
“The Met must have the financial ability to deploy the resources they need to maintain public order – business remains to be convinced that cutting police budgets will not impact on the police services’ ability to prevent and deal effectively with large scale disorder, be it riots, student protests, or activist led activity similar to that seen in the West End earlier this year. Confidence must be restored swiftly – continuing with cuts to policing without at least reviewing resources in this light will do little to help.”

Although welcoming of support measures for businesses announced after the riots, the business membership organisations said that Government needs to do all it can to restore confidence so as not to cause long term damage to London’s international reputation.


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