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Business leaders urge action to protect London’s reputation, and a rethink on spending cuts

Business leaders in London have tonight called for urgent action to be taken to address reputational damage caused by rioting.

In a meeting with Mayor, Boris Johnson, influential campaign group, London First pressed for additional funding to be provided to enable London & Partners to counter negative images broadcast across the world in recent days, and ensure that confidence is restored in London as a place to visit and do business.

The group also pressed for a fresh review of police powers and tactics; for cuts to policing to be scrapped, and for the full costs of policing the riots to be met by the Home Office.

Baroness Jo Valentine, Chief Executive of London First, said: “We cannot let these incidents overshadow the great world city that London is. Boris must take the lead in restoring not only Londoners’ confidence, but also the confidence of both businesses and visitors around the world.”

“The Met must also have the financial ability to deploy the police resources they need to maintain public order; looking at spending cuts now surely sends the wrong message.”


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