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Call for evidence on Local Plans

Brandon Lewis, Minister for Housing and Planning has created an expert group to examine what measures or reforms may be helpful in ensuring the efficient and effective production of Local Plans. The group has now met for the first time and would like to hear from the planning and property industry to assist its consideration of the issues.

London First’s members have been invited to provide their views on this matter; the details of how you can respond can be found here: Call for Evidence.

The Group would like the evidence to focus on:

  • Content of local plans – including requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework, length, preambles, template policies, spatial detail, plan period, one plan or several, relationship with local guidance
  • Local plan preparation process – could procedures be changed to provide better and quicker plan preparation?
  • Agreeing strategic requirements – including the role of Strategic Housing Market Assessment’s, the appropriateness of evidence requirements and methods for calculating objectively assessed need.
  • Implementation –to consider any other impediments to comprehensive local plan coverage
  • Observations – thoughts or relevant experience about how the system is working and the need for change;
  • Other – what other measures should the Group consider that might assist it to make recommendations which would contribute towards making local plan making more efficient and effective?

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