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Call for Sites for the 2016 SHLAA

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is starting a new housing capacity study to inform the next London Plan. This study, the London Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), is being undertaken in partnership with local planning authorities in London.

As part of this process the GLA is undertaking a Call for Sites, opened on 15 March for three and a half months, until 30 June. Through this Call for Sites, private, public and voluntary sector bodies and individuals can submit potential housing sites for consideration as part of the Assessment.

Submitted sites will be assessed by the local planning authority and the GLA in order to establish the capacity, availability, deliverability and suitability for residential and mixed-use development. This will take into account the range of planning policy, environmental and local constraints and the extent to which these can be mitigated or addressed.

The SHLAA will be used to inform the approach to meeting London’s growth through a new London Plan.

You can find the form to submit a site here.

What is the deadline for submitting sites?

To be assessed in the SHLAA, sites will need to be submitted by 30 June 2016.

What size of sites should be submitted?

Site assessments in the London SHLAA are only undertaken on large sites (over 0.25 hectares), with housing delivery on smaller sites estimated using average annual trends in housing completions.  To be assessed in the SHLAA, sites will need to be over this size threshold. However, sites under 0.25 hectares in size may still be submitted as part of the Call for Sites. These smaller sites will be passed on to the relevant local planning authority to inform their Local Plan preparation and site allocations and may be used by the GLA for research purposes.

How can sites be submitted?

Sites can be submitted through the call for sites system, available via the following link:
Alternatively, sites can be submitted by email using the Excel pro forma. Site boundaries should be submitted in GIS format (MapInfo Tab or ESRI Shapefile), where possible.  Emails or enquiries should be sent to

Sites may also be submitted by post to the following address:

SHLAA Call for Sites
GLA City Hall, post point 18
The Queen’s Walk

Further information on the SHLAA call for Sites is available on the GLA’s website here.

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