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City Airport expansion given go-ahead by Newham

Newham Council has granted City Airport permission to increase runway capacity and accommodate more take-offs and landings at peak times. This is aimed at being able to handle the next generation of quieter and more fuel efficient aircraft. The £200 million investment also includes a new 4 star hotel and expanded terminal buildings.

The next step in the process is for the decision to be referred by Newham to the Mayor of London, which is expected to happen early in March.

The decision will enable City Airport to operate up to 111,000 annual flights, compared to its current flown total of 70,000. Newham has also introduced a number of conditions to safeguard the interests of residents living nearby the airport.

The new capacity is scheduled to be delivered by 2023 and create 1,500 new jobs, with a further 500 during construction.

Declan Collier, CEO of London City Airport, said: “The development of the airport will culminate in 2023 when, having constructed seven new aircraft stands, a parallel taxiway and terminal extensions to the west and to the east, the airport will be welcoming some six million passengers every year.”

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