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Coming up: London Infrastructure Plan 2050

London’s first long-term infrastructure investment plan will set out London’s future infrastructure needs and is conceived as the final panel of a Mayoral triptych, alongside his Vision 2020 document and the London Finance Commission’s report. In simple terms, the plan represents an attempt to assess the broad magnitude of London’s future infrastructure needs, its costs and how to pay for it, where additional infrastructure might be needed, and how it might be delivered better.

London First called for the Mayor to play a greater strategic role in the planning and delivery of London’s infrastructure in the final report of our Infrastructure Commission in 2011. We have been strongly supportive of the GLA’s work over the past year, and have provided business input both directly and via our members on a number of occasions, as well as through the GLA’s external advisory board. We will be arranging further opportunities for our members to discuss the 2050 Plan over the autumn, to help inform our – and your- response to the GLA’s consultation ahead of their October deadline. Further details will follow in the usual way via our events team.

We will circulate a short note next week summarising the Plan and offering an initial critique. There will doubtless be areas where further work is needed, but we see this as an important initiative and potentially a big step forward in improving long-term planning in the capital.


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