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Crossrail 2 route safeguarded

The Department for Transport has announced a newly safeguarded route for Crossrail 2. The line is proposed to run on various branches from the south west of London into a tunnel starting at Wimbledon, before exiting at Tottenham Hale and progressing on branches further into north east London and beyond.

The route is based on what was previously known as the Chelsea-Hackney line, and was first safeguarded in 1991. A potential future branch through Hackney remains an option.

At a London First event on 18 March, Daniel Moylan, the Mayor’s adviser on Crossrail 2, and Michèle Dix, Managing Director for Crossrail 2, outlined the route to members and discussed issues and timings. Their presentations are available here.

The next step for the project is to secure interim funding in the Comprehensive Spending Review, which is expected this summer. This would be in the region of £250 million to take the scheme through to a planning application being submitted. Precise details of the route would then be further consulted on in autumn 2015. If the scheme were given the green light and wider funding resolved, Transport for London believes that construction could start in 2020 and be completed by 2030.

London First is a long-time supporter of the scheme, publishing reports into how to fund it, in February 2014, and the case for it, published in February 2013.

David Leam, Infrastructure Director at London First, said: “It took over 20 years to get Crossrail 1 agreed – we can’t afford to wait that long again if we want London to be able to withstand the strain of a population growing by 100,000 a year.

“As Crossrail 1 has shown, we have world class capability when it comes to these kinds of projects.

“Crucially it has also shown that demands on the public purse can be kept to a minimum – only a third of the funds for Crossrail 1 came from central government.

“We need Crossrail 2, we have the skill to build it, and now it’s time to get on with it.”

We will continue to press for this vital piece of infrastructure as strong growth in London’s population and economy continue.

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