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Crossrail heads of terms – London First response

The Govt today announced ‘heads of terms’ for the Crossrail project.  Ruth Kelly gave a written statement to Parliament this morning. London First has been a prominent supporter of the scheme, coordinating business support:

Irving Yass, Policy Director for business organisation London First, said:

“We are pleased the project is moving forward, but disappointed that business hasn’t been consulted on these major decisions around governance of the project. It doesn’t bode well for the future of the project if business is being excluded from the important thinking at such an early stage. Senior business leaders have expertise and experience which can add value.

“And that exclusion continues in the project sponsorship arrangements – the client role – where the project could become a political football, kicked back and forth between Government and the Mayor.  We still hope that the two public sector parties might invite a senior business figure in to advise.  In any case we will ask those with the right experience to go through detail of today’s heads of terms to assess whether they are appropriate for a project of this size, importance and complexity. We want to ensure the project is delivered on time and on budget.

“We are pleased that the Cross London Rail Links board will include some non-execs drawn from business.  They will help to support Doug Oakervee in managing delivery and, particularly, risks of the construction project.”

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