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DfT responds to Airports Commission Interim Report

On Sunday 13 July more than 50 Let Britain Fly business leaders signed a letter in the Sunday Times which called on the Government to respond to the Airports Commission’s Interim Report. The report, which recommended at least one new net runway in the South East by 2030, was published in December 2013, more than six months previously. The Let Britain Fly letter called the lack of a response ‘unacceptable’, and urged a public statement on the issue before the end of July. The business leaders’ letter was also featured as lead news story on the BBC.

The Department for Transport subsequently released their response to the Interim Report on Tuesday 15 July, in the midst of the Cabinet reshuffle. In this document, the Government did not adequately address the points raised by Sir Howard Davies and did not commit to the principle of air capacity expansion.

London First Chief Executive, Jo Valentine, said that after seven months of waiting, the Government had failed to rise to the challenge set by the Airports Commission in its interim report.

The Let Britain Fly campaign also responded with a press release condemning political procrastination and reaffirming the message of the business community that the UK needs excellent air links for future growth.

Both statements featured in both the Daily Mail and the Telegraph, and were syndicated across more than 150 media outlets.

London First and Let Britain Fly will continue to maintain pressure for a solution to the UK’s need for more runway capacity in the lead up to the final report of the Airports Commission next summer.


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