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Ed Balls discusses jobs and growth with London First

The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ed Balls, addressed London’s business leaders this week on his party’s plans for jobs, growth and economic prosperity.

You can listen to his speech here.

At the London First lunch event, supported by airport expansion campaigners Let Britain Fly, Mr Balls stressed:

  • The UK has no future other than one as an open, international, trading nation. We mustn’t turn our backs on the EU but must lead reform from within;
  • Anyone who thinks making London worse off would benefit the UK is foolish;
  • A Labour government would make sure that the transport infrastructure in London can cope as the city grows;
  • There has to be a swift decision on expanding airport capacity in the South East when the Davies Commission reports after the general election;
  • Open internationalist market economies work best when government works with business in key areas to boost productivity.

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