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Employer Housing Pledges

Businesses Grant Thornton UK LLP, Arup, Macegroup, UK Power Networks and Optimity have demonstrated strong leadership by joining efforts from the GLA family to commit to retaining talent in London. They were the first to sign the Employer Housing Pledges , part of the 50,000 Homes Campaign, intended to help alleviate some of the steep housing costs for Londoners. The campaign has a target of 100 signatories this year and the Mayor of London has backed the pledges, and now calls on other companies to follow the example set. By signing the pledges, employers commit to helping alleviate the pressures of the London housing crisis in 2017 and beyond.

Currently covering 100,000 employees, the Pledges provide a powerful example of where business and public sector, including City Hall, Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police, the London Fire Brigade, the London Legacy Development Corporation and the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, can unite to make a real difference.

Fundamentally, soaring housing costs in London are caused by a shortage of supply. We need to unlock more land and build new homes which is what the Fifty Thousand Homes Campaign is pushing for. In the meantime, every effort made to help London retain its talent must be applauded and celebrated.

Naomi Smith, Director of the Campaign, said: “London’s high cost of housing is a huge challenge for businesses, risking our ability to attract and retain the people we need to keep our city working and thriving. Employers want to help their workers struggling with rent or trying to get onto the housing ladder. But we have to start unlocking more land in London, otherwise we’ll carry on slipping backwards.”

Click here to view the Pledges, and here for our press release. If you’d like more information about the pledges or how you can help get the homes London needs to stay competitive, please get in touch.

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