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Events - 27 Mar 18

From large-scale networking events, bringing together senior political and business leaders, to small-scale consultations which engage members and stakeholders in our policy development, London First runs a wide range of events.

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Mar 27 Tue

Future of Retail in London Workshops – Roads and Deliveries

Tuesday 27 March 9:00AM - 11:00AM

The first three workshops in our Future of Retail series have been incredibly informative, throwing up member concerns that the planning system must support ‘doing things’ which make a place, not just building things…frustrations at a lack of ambition or radical vision for retail in London…and a worry that policy is responding to a ‘Victorian’ vision of retail rather than looking ahead to 2030. On a very practical level, they’ve also informed both our draft response to the London Plan and our Skills Commission work.

Topics to be covered:
• How will London’s road and distribution network look and work for retailers in 10/15 years’ time? What are some feasible scenarios for 2030? What would an ideal retail distribution landscape look like in 2030 if planning/money wasn’t an option?
• There’ll be some scene-setting and thought-provoking introductions before diving into discussion. Lara Marrero (Global Retail Practice Leader at Gensler) will kick us off by thinking about what omni-channel retailing might look like by 2030 (e.g. what proportion of retail will be direct deliveries?), then Roy McGowan (MD at Momentum Transport Consultancy) will think about what distribution systems and innovation might support that.
• It would be great to hear your views on what innovations might be coming down the line, and we’d anticipate touching on automated deliveries/vehicles, changing role of stores to showrooms and distribution centres, the role of collection points, etc

Mar 27 Tue

How Transport for London can best harness the potential of transport innovation

Tuesday 27 March 6:00PM - 8:30PM

Join us for a member briefing and reception with Michael Hurwitz, TfL’s Director of Transport Innovation, to get his take one the role technology can play in delivering the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, keeping London moving and see it get the best out of the future.


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