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From HS3 to Crossrail 2

Speaking earlier this week, Boris Johnson reaffirmed the need for Crossrail 2 to provide vital new capacity on London’s transport network to cope with forecast population growth into the 2020s.

The Mayor was speaking as TfL and Network Rail submitted their preferred ‘regional’ route option for Crossrail 2 to the Department for Transport. The DfT will shortly consult on the proposed route, highlighting changes to the previously safeguarded Chelsea-Hackney line which dates back to 1991. Subject to the outcome of the consultation process, the DfT will issue a Safeguarding Direction for Crossrail 2 in 2015. Further consultation and detailed design work would then be needed before a planning application could be submitted in 2017. This could allow construction to begin by 2020 with the new line being operational by 2030.

The Mayor expressed his confidence that London could contribute a significant proportion of the cost of Crossrail 2 – as with Crossrail 1 – reducing the demand on the UK taxpayer as a whole. He also said that a new funding and finance study from PwC would be published ahead of the government’s Autumn Statement.

The speech was covered in the FT which referenced London First’s report on funding options for Crossrail 2 published earlier this year.

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