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Get ready, robots are going to steal your job

London faces a competitive battle for the world’s high skilled talent – not just from Europe, but increasingly from China and the emerging markets. At the same time automation and off-shoring are threatening clerical and mid-level administrative jobs in all Western economies, while lower skilled workers face an ever more competitive labour market. Last year Oxford University published a major piece of work on US labour markets, which showed 47 percent of total US employment was vulnerable to automation and computerisation.

Deloitte have commissioned the same team to look at the factors transforming labour markets in the UK, which found one in three jobs could be taken over by computers in the next 20 years.

London First will be holding a dinner with Deloitte next week to discuss this issue and give guests an opportunity to understand how London can manage these global forces and retain its eminent position as a global talent hub.

Contact: David Lutton

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