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Government delay on new runway ‘pathetic’

London First has expressed its anger at the latest delay in a decision to build another runway on the South East, branding it ‘pathetic’ and ‘tragic’.

After the Airports Commission recommended building a new runway at Heathrow, the business community wanted to hear a clear and final decision from government to implement their recommendations.

Instead a decision has been deferred six months until a new Mayor of London is announced in May 2016, adding to the delay and endless consultation.

After having spent three years and millions of pounds of tax-payer money looking at this issue in a Commission, and despite a promise that David Cameron would make a final decision by the end of the year, there can be no more excuses for further dithering.


London First led the business condemnation of the government’s decision in the media.

Chief executive, Baroness Jo Valentine, was on Sky News, Channel 4 News  and BBC London Radio warning that: “the decision won’t get any easier for the Prime Minister if he delays further. Sometimes, politicians just have to take the hard decisions as part of governing and stop procrastinating.”

You can also watch our Transport Director, Richard Dilks, talk about the announcement on London Live:

Gavin Hayes, director of our campaign group Let Britain Fly, was on LBC Radio and BBC Radio 4 explaining why this decision was about politics, not what was best for the UK.

He said: “The business community will be rightly angered by the latest delay in a final decision to implement the Airports Commission’s recommendation to expand Heathrow.

“Instead of showing strong leadership the Prime Minister has yet again decided to put short-term political interests before the long-term national interest and kicked the can down the road for another six months. This latest fudge is all about political expediency not about doing what is right for our economy.

“Having already spent three years and millions of pounds of tax-payer money looking at the issue in a Commission, including extensive analysis on the economic and environmental impact, this further delay is unacceptable.

“Such indecision risks undermining our economic competiveness and our global competitors will be rubbing their hands in glee. And the message this sends out to investors is quite frankly a disaster.

“The government claim they have a ‘long-term economic plan’ but seem incapable of making the big strategic decisions that will deliver future jobs and growth.”

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