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Government’s immigration cap is “ludicrous”

Commenting on the Government’s immigration cap

Baroness Jo Valentine, Chief Executive of London First, which represents many leading private sector employers, said:

“Stopping specialist doctors and engineers from working here makes no sense. By imposing a cap the Government is suppressing business growth and preventing the private sector led economic recovery that George Osborne set out in his Budget speech.

“If the Government pushes ahead with this ludicrous cap they risk inadvertently forcing companies to locate specialist teams offshore – sending their best talent out of the UK. Highly skilled and well rewarded UK and overseas professionals will pay their taxes to foreign exchequers, helping to fund their schools, hospitals and road rather than ours.

“There’s no doubt the election pledge of reducing immigration to tens of thousands can be met – not by targeting the people the electorate are concerned about, but by rejecting the high value people needed by business, and forcing companies to invest and create jobs somewhere else.”


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