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Green Belt: a place for Londoners?

Following new figures on housing on the Green Belt, Jonathan Seager, Director of Housing Policy at London First, said:

“While building on the Green Belt is emotive, there remains a lack of understanding over what the Green Belt actually is.

“For example, only a quarter of Green Belt land inside the Greater London Authority’s boundary is made up of environmentally designated land, parks, or land with public access and civic value.

“The capital’s diverse range of parks, habitats and countryside should indeed be protected. But building on scrub land currently classified as Green Belt that is close to existing transport nodes would help resolve the damaging impact of London’s chronic housing shortage.”

Our report Green Belt: a place for Londoners? argued that London’s local authorities should begin a re-evaluation of their Green Belt to help solve the capital’s housing crisis.

The report argues that the starting point for any Green Belt review in London should be to only consider areas that:

  • are close to existing or future transport nodes;
  • are of poor environmental or civic value;
  • could better serve London’s needs by supporting sustainable, high-quality, well-designed residential development that incorporates truly accessible green space

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