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Guiding London’s Central Activities Zone

The Central Activities Zone covers London’s geographic, economic and administrative core. It brings together the largest concentration of London’s financial and globally oriented business services. Almost a third of all London jobs are based there.

The Mayor’s CAZ Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG), published in September this year, provides additional guidance on the implementation on the London Plan’s policies for the CAZ and those of relevance to the Isle of Dogs/Canary Wharf. London First submitted a formal response to this document which was prepared in consultation with our members.

London First welcomed its publication – a welcome step change in London Plan guidance which recognises the important role that the CAZ plays both in the London and UK economy. In particular:

  • We welcome recognition of the need to promote and safeguard the CAZ and the north of the Isle of Dogs (Canary Wharf) and its strategic functions,
  • Support the intention to provide clarity weight to be afforded to office use and CAZ strategic functions relative to residential uses across the CAZ,
  • Reinforced that to sure that these particular objectives are delivered through the plan making and decision-taking process, the SPG guidance should be reflected by London Plan policy,

Read the full submission here.

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