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Guiding London’s Central Activities Zone

The Central Activities Zone covers London’s geographic, economic and administrative core. It brings together the largest concentration of London’s financial and globally oriented business services. Almost a third of all London jobs are based there.

The Mayor has published the draft Central Activities Zone (CAZ) Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) for public consultation, which will be open for 12 weeks, from 15 September to 8 December 2015.

This document provides guidance on how to interpret and apply policies in the 2015 London Plan related to London’s CAZ and, where relevant, the North of the Isle of Dogs.

This includes guidance on:

  • CAZ activities and strategic functions to assist boroughs to define the CAZ boundary in Local Plans;
  • Ensuring an appropriate balance between offices and residential in different parts of the CAZ;
  • Outlining the potential for additional housing capacity without compromising strategic functions;
  • Underlining the need to deliver transport and other essential infrastructure to support the CAZ strategic functions.

London First will be preparing a formal response in consultation with members. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Sara Parkinson.

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