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Historic England wants your views on London’s archaeological guidelines

Historic England, alongside the Mayor of London, is opening a consultation on guidelines for the Greater London Archaeological Priority Area, which will support a new framework for documenting archaeological interest in London.

The guideline will help implement a consistent framework for documenting archaeological interest for development planning in London. This includes setting out an approach to selecting, demarcating and describing undesignated archaeological interest for planning purposes.

Accurate Archaeological Priority Areas can help highlight at an early stage where a development proposal may affect a heritage asset and so provide clarity on the need to consider archaeological matters.

Reflecting the national planning policy the guidelines have been prepared to help aid local planning authorities in the development of their Local Plans, by providing up-to-date evidence about the historic environment. This is supported by London Plan, which recognises the need to identify important areas of the city’s historic environment.

For archaeology in London this is done by defining Archaeological Priority Areas where, according to existing information, there is significant known archaeological interest or particular potential for new discoveries.

Historic England have invited our members to contribute towards this consultation process. The consultation is set to commence on the 12 June and run until the 31 July. The consultation document can be found here.

Should you wish to contribute towards a London First response, please contact Sara Parkinson.

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