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How Crossrail 2 route can support the delivery of new homes

The final report of the Crossrail 2 Growth Commission was published this week. Set up by the previous Mayor in July 2015 to explore the scheme’s economic growth potential, the Commission comprises people from across local government, business and the development industry (including our own Baroness Jo Valentine).

After months of evidence gathering, the Commission endorsed eight core recommendations it believes will support Crossrail 2-related growth along the route (see below). London First has welcomed the report which we think identifies the right issues. We will now engage with the Greater London Authority, Transport for London and boroughs along the route to ensure the Commission’s recommendations are followed through.

As a first step we have arranged a breakfast event with TfL for Thursday 15 September to explore what must happen to unlock Crossrail 2’s development potential. Invites to London First members will follow shortly.

Summary of recommendations:

  • Not only is TfL’s assessment of 200,000 new homes and jobs credible, growth could potentially be even greater. Complementary measures should be proactively considered alongside the forthcoming review of the London Plan and reviews of other planning frameworks for the south east.
  • The Commission recommends that policy makers take a more coordinated approach to industrial and employment land use. The object of this would be to free up low density employment sites on brownfield land for housing development in close proximity to high frequency public transport stations such as Crossrail 2.
  • The Commission recommends that residential planning densities should be reviewed, with a view to increasing them close to high-frequency transport links.
  • The Commission recommends that the Mayor and government work with authorities inside and outside London to help coordinate a cross-border, focused Green Belt review.
  • The Commission recommends a development focus on mixed-use communities, providing a balanced provision of residential and employment uses appropriate to individual locations. The delivery of high quality development supported by social community uses and a high-quality public realm will be critical to the success of growth.
  • The Commission recommends that the GLA and planning authorities explore the use of various delivery vehicles such as Mayoral Development Corporations, using whatever combination of such vehicles is best able to deliver growth.
  • The Commission recommends that in developing a funding deal for Crossrail 2, options should be explored which seek to maximise the “gain share” from any uplift in land values.
  • The Commission recommends that further technical work on growth opportunities and on key policy and delivery requirements should be done as the business case is updated. Each activity should be brought forward alongside the development of the Mayor’s London Plan and Transport Strategy, as well as local plans covering areas outside of London.

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