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How effective is the Community Infrastructure Levy?

Back in November 2015, the government confirmed that Liz Peace will lead and chair an independent group conducting a review of the community infrastructure levy (CIL).

The CIL, introduced in April 2010, seeks to provide a faster, fairer, more certain and transparent means of collecting developer contributions to infrastructure than individually-negotiated ‘Section 106’ planning obligations.

The group met on 12 November 2015 and will assess the extent to which CIL does or can provide an effective mechanism for funding infrastructure, as well as recommend changes that would improve its operation in support of the government’s wider housing and growth objectives.

London First’s formal response to the government’s review recommends the simplification of the complex regulations governing CIL. However, as the CIL regime has had limited time to bed in we believe it is too early to tell how effective (or not) it has been.

You can view our response here.

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