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How to measure and benchmark resilience

At the second Global Resilience Summit on 19 October, a new app will be launched as part of the Community Resilience project that the Security & Resilience Network has been running for the past nine months.

Under the project title of ‘London Bridges’, we have been working with members, public-sector organisations and academics to create a suite of products that will help local business communities become more resilient in the face of repeated shocks and stresses.

The members have included: Alchemmy, Barclays, Westfield Corporation, KPMG and UCL.

The products include a brochure on how to improve resiliency in local city communities and an app for mobiles called Application for Resilient Communities (ARC). The app has kindly been sponsored by Barclays.

How the app works

All businesses, whether large or small, need relevant, authoritative and practical information to help them prepare for disruptive events, such as security alerts, floods, transport failures or power outages. The app will help business:

  • Provide a gateway for businesses to access security and resilience advice.
  • Deliver proactive advice by public sector bodies, targeted to the sector and location of each business, e.g. standards, protocols, good practice, etc.
  • Enable local business leads to connect with each other to help promote resilience and facilitate regular engagement on issues.
  • Allow users to search for specific topical advice on resilience, with an ability to ask questions of the community and individual experts, through closed but secure groups.
  • Enable businesses to benchmark the level of resilience in their organisation or in their local area.

The theme for the 2016 Summit will be Delivering City & Corporate Resilience, and the Summit will look to advance the understanding, leadership and benchmarking of resilience in major cities like London.

The Summit will focus on the key issues of organisational, reputational and digital resilience that demand Board-level attention in managing long-term risks from shocks and stresses in communities and corporates.

To see the latest programme, please click here.

Delegates to the Summit are invited to join the IFSEC Borders & Infrastructure launch at The Guildhall at the end of the Summit’s proceedings and reception.

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