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Immigration skills charge is unfair burden on employers

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has published its report on Tier 2 migration, which suggests measures to curb the number of skilled migrants coming to work in the UK.

The MAC was asked to consider five issues:

  • how to prioritise Tier 2 and make it more selective
  • a skills levy, now called an immigration skills charge (ISC)
  • tightening of the intra-company transfer route
  • automatic sunsetting, such that an occupation or job is removed from the SOL after a fixed period
  • automatic work rights for dependants

The ISC has been recommended by MAC. It is an annual immigration skills charge of £1,000 to fund training for local workers.

Following the recommendations, Mark Hilton, immigration director of London First, said:

“It is absolutely right to do more to train British workers, but an apprenticeship levy is already being introduced.

“The constant demands for new measures to curb the employment of highly skilled immigrants is introducing an unfair burden on those employers who already invest a lot to train up British workers.

“It seems bizarre to be clamping down on the employment of very highly skilled immigrants, who bring much-needed skills into the country.”

An executive summary of the MAC report can be found here

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