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Improving cycling in the capital

London First has welcomed the Mayor’s ambition to improve London’s cycling infrastructure and get more Londoners on their bikes in a safer environment.

Better cycling and pedestrian facilities, as well as public realm, are now part and parcel of what it is to be a 21st Century world city.

However, we have raised concerns about a lack of detail in the consultation document on the impact on congestion and businesses in London. TfL’s own consultation states that “Our latest analysis shows the proposals would mean longer journey times for motorists and bus, coach and taxi passengers along most of the route, both during construction and once complete. There would also be longer journey times for users of many of the roads approaching the proposed route and longer waits for pedestrians at some signalised crossings.”

We believe the scheme must not make life intolerable for those on London’s buses, cars, taxis, coaches and vans, as well as pedestrians. In addition to moving commuters, London’s roads ensure we get the goods and services we need where and when we need them.

We are therefore urging TfL to publish detailed analysis of the potential impacts on key routes for various road users – and how they propose to mitigate these. We are also urging TfL to extend the consultation beyond the current end date of 19 October to allow people to fully understand any implications.

In the meantime we would welcome views from businesses who are on or near the affected routes or who use them regularly.

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