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In the housing zone

In November 2013, the Mayor’s draft Housing Strategy mooted the idea of Housing Zones, an initiative to accelerate housing delivery in areas with high development potential. This month, a supporting Housing Zones Prospectus was published, which formally invited bids from London boroughs to a £400 million programme designed to create 20 housing zones across London, delivering 50,000 new homes and over 100,000 associated jobs over the next decade.

Last week, Deputy Mayor for Housing, Land and Property, Richard Blakeway, met with London First members in a breakfast briefing, calling for them to engage with boroughs to bring forward schemes that might be eligible for Housing Zone status.

Although there are core criteria that a proposal must meet, he emphasised the flexibility of the idea and stressed that they are willing to consider new ideas and push for further powers in the zones if a convincing case can be made.

You can listen to excerpts from the event on our Audioboo site.

There has already been significant interest in the Housing Zones idea and we fully expect this to become an important part of the housing delivery mechanisms in London for the foreseeable future.


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