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Infrastructure barriers to development in London; request for feedback

On behalf of the Mayor’s London Infrastructure Delivery Board we are seeking your feedback on any difficulties you may have encountered, directly or indirectly, in undertaking development in London because necessary utility infrastructure (principally energy/water & sewerage/waste/digital/transport) hasn’t been put in place in a timely manner.

The context is that the Mayor recently established the London Infrastructure Delivery Board to bring together the utilities and others to take the lead in improving delivery of London’s infrastructure.

The Board comprises senior representatives from organisations responsible for commissioning and delivering London’s infrastructure – including the Greater London Authority (GLA), boroughs, business, utility companies, transport providers, connectivity providers, waste collection and disposal companies, regulators and developers, engineers, builders and architects, among others.

John Dickie, Director of Strategy and Policy at London First, sits on the board as a representative of London business. The GLA is keen to understand the infrastructure-related problems development faces and we have offered to take soundings from our members and to provide a summary of responses for Isabel Dedring and Sir Ed Lister who are leading this work for the Mayor.

From our experience in considering some of the challenges around the timely provision of electricity infrastructure, we are conscious that any problems you have had won’t have been written up as a case study – the GLA understand this and would value any feedback, no matter how high level or anecdotal.

Similarly, we quite understand that in some instances you may wish any information to be anonymised; if that is the case just let us know.

We believe that through its 2050 Infrastructure Plan work the GLA has made important progress in its long term infrastructure planning capability which has strengthened its ability to take up problem issues with the infrastructure providers and regulators. Your responses would help maintain that momentum.

We would therefore be grateful if you or a suitable colleague could consider this request and come back to us by June 19th.

If you have any queries or would prefer to talk over the phone please do not hesitate to contact our infrastructure lead David Leam who can be reached on 020 7665 1415.

Contact: David Leam,

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