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Infrastructure Commission

The London Infrastructure Commission was set up to consider the challenges and opportunities involved in the provision of strategic infrastructure for London.

London faces a number of significant challenges to effective infrastructure operation and delivery. Pressure will be placed on existing networks as more people live in and move around the city. By 2031, London’s population is forecast to grow by over one million, resulting in up to 900,000 new households and 600,000 new jobs. This comes at a time when there will be very considerable pressure on public expenditure.

All major competitiveness indices rate infrastructure as a significant issue in determining a city’s success. For London to remain a leading world city as it emerges from the recession it needs world-class infrastructure – principally water, waste, transport, energy and ICT – that will support the city’s quality of life, competitiveness and economic growth.

In January, the Commission issued a Call for Evidence, inviting business leaders and stakeholders to make written submissions, based on their expertise and experience as well as wider observations on London’s long-term infrastructure needs. After the initial consultation period, the Commission invited experts to give oral evidence at individual hearings.

The Commission has developed recommendations for regulators, local government and national government for the short, medium and longer terms, drawing on both supply side and demand side perspectives.

Infrastructure Commission press release


Chair – Martin Stanley, Global Head of the Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets Group
Terry Hill, Chairman, Global Transport Market, Arup
Nick Pollard, Chief Executive Officer, Bovis Lend Lease
Ann Bishop, Managing Director, Indepen
Dr. Timothy Stone, Chairman, Global Infrastructure Projects, KPMG
Sir Adrian Montague, Chairman, London First
Prof. Tony Travers, Director, LSE London, London School of Economics

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