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Jams today, jams tomorrow – the role for congestion charging in London

Next week London First will publish a short report on the need for London to embrace smarter congestion charging if we are to keep the capital’s roads moving.

Following the report of the Mayor’s Roads Task Force last year, TfL has stepped up its efforts to improve London’s roads, including through an enhanced investment programme. However, demand for road space continues to outstrip supply so we believe fresh thinking is needed as to how demand can be managed more efficiently.

Drawing on London’s experience of congestion charging to date, together with the experience of other cities around the world, the report will identify potential options for introducing smarter congestion charging in the capital. The report also looks at Londoner’s attitudes to congestion and congestion charging and suggests a number of tests which must be met if congestion charging is to be more publically acceptable.

We intend to use the report to help stimulate a broader debate about congestion charging ahead of the next Mayoral election in May 2016. While the current mayor has ruled out any further congestion charging during this term we hope to encourage future potential candidates to take a fresh look at the issue, as opposed to just ruling it out in a knee-jerk way.

A further email will come round to members when the report is published next week, linking to the report and providing a short summary.

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