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Joint venture with Common Purpose – A cyber-resilience challenge

Common Purpose is an international leadership development organisation that operates in over 100 countries. The charity has recently launched its Massive Online Innovation Community (MOIC) as the online alumni offering for its university student leadership development programmes.

These programmes are based around leadership, innovation and cultural intelligence with universities globally where students tackle major global challenges such as ‘What makes a city smart?’

Using skills developed on the programmes, the students explore a task, generate ideas, coalesce in groups around different ideas and then ultimately put their outcomes into a format requested by the challenge setter and present their findings back to them.

Common Purpose has launched three challenges to date with Unilever, Google Digital Academy and a think-tank in Hong Kong.

The Security & Resilience Network at London First has teamed up with Common Purpose to develop a fourth challenge, namely ‘How can we ensure cyber-resilience in an increasingly connected world?’

The winners will be presented with their awards by KPMG at the Global Resilience Summit in October.

Contact: Robert Hall,

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