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Listen in to the inaugural PRS Forum

On Tuesday, 300 delegates attended the inaugural PRS Forum. Organised by London First and Movers and Shakers, the Forum brought together key policy-makers and industry experts to debate the future of build to rent housing.

The main theme of the Forum was to consider the challenge of making build to rent work on scale – having sufficient numbers of purpose built homes for rent funded by institutional investors.

Issues debated throughout the day included everything from the potential for reforms to central and local government policy to kick-start build to rent through to whether or not institutional investors will now really start to invest in the sector.

LISTEN to Peter Vernon, Chief Executive of Grosvenor Group, as he lays out the case a big boost in the private rented sector to help solve the UK’s housing crisis. He tell delegates at the 1st PRS Forum how London could go about developing a build for rent sector on par with New York – where two-thirds of residents rent.

LISTEN to Peter Perereira Gray, MD, Investment Division, Wellcome Trust, setting out the obstacles stopping PRS from taking off in the UK

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