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London 2036: an agenda for jobs and growth – a call to action

7 January will see the launch of our report to the London Enterprise Panel – the Mayor’s economic advisory body – setting out a business-led agenda to maximise London’s economic development over the next 20 years.

Over the past year, we have consulted with more than 400 companies and organisations across the public and private sector, academia and government, seeking their views on what should be London long term ambitions.  The report identifies where London needs to focus in order to maximise economic growth, economic resilience and jobs creation between now and 2036, the timescale in which the population is projected to grow to over 10 million.

The report is more than a set of recommendations for London government – it sets out an agenda for the city as a whole, one that can only be delivered with support from all stakeholders: private, public, local and national. ?

At the launch event, kindly hosted by Bloomberg, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the report’s findings with senior-level colleagues across the public and private sectors and learn more about opportunities and challenges through a number of interactive showcases. This is a call to arms to work together as we move from analysis into action.

Contact: Catherine Shrimpton

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