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London 2036: An agenda for jobs and growth

On Wednesday 7 January, at an event attended by 100 business leaders, as well as London and central government representatives, we unveiled London 2036: An Agenda for Jobs and Growth – a report based on the most significant business-led consultation project ever undertaken to help drive jobs and growth in a UK city.

View the report: London 2036: An Agenda for Jobs and Growth

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The report’s publication received extensive coverage across local and national media, including the BBC London Breakfast show, LBC, City AM, The Telegraph and FT. City AM also ran comment pieces from Lord Bilimoria, Lord Mayor of London Alan Yarrow and London First Chief Executive Jo Valentine, who also featured in City Metric.


What does the report say?

Produced by London First on behalf of the London Enterprise Panel (the Mayor’s business advisory panel), the report – which involved input from more than 400 of the capital’s key stakeholders – sets out a formula for the capital to achieve world-beating income growth, greater job opportunities than its rival cities, a diverse and shock-proof economy, more homes and better transportation, as well as more balanced economic growth across the UK.

London 2036’s clear message is that London today is the world’s business and talent hub, while also being a centre for creativity and innovation, but the strengths and assets that have got London to where it is now will not be enough to maintain the city’s global leadership position. Swift and decisive action is needed to address the challenges the city faces today.

The report highlights three core themes for developing and safeguarding London’s economy:

  •  cementing London’s existing strengths as the world’s leading economic and business hub

View the infographic:  The Global Hub

  •  fuelling more diverse growth by capitalising on the city’s strengths in tech and creativity

View the infographic: The Creative Engine

  •  addressing the challenges to London’s basic foundations.

View the infographic: The City that Works


View the summary video: London 2036: An agenda for jobs and growth


What happens next?

The complexity of London means there is no single agency that can deliver against these priorities; the report is a call to action for London as a whole.

So please do take some time to read London 2036, and share it – as well as its supporting collateral – with your wider organisations and networks as well as across your social media (using the hashtag #London2036) – it can all be found on our website.

View all collateral on our website: London 2036: An agenda for Jobs and Growth


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