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London business condemns Mayor’s decision on London City Airport

The decision by the Mayor to overturn the airport’s local authority, Newham, which had given permission for the airport’s expansion plans recently, was met with dismay by London First and London business.

We have publicly expressed surprise at this decision, and heard from a number of members on the issue.

Under the expansion plans, the terminal would be extended and seven new stands for aircraft introduced. The proposals included an increase in the number of take-offs and landings to 111,000, almost doubling the number of passengers to six million annually by 2023.

As we identified in our London 2036 report with the London Enterprise Panel, London’s links to other countries are a vital part of its status as a global hub.

London First sees making the best use of existing airport capacity as essential for London’s competitiveness – and in this particular case for regeneration and jobs in East London.

Boris City Airport letter

Read our letter to the Mayor of London here

We have written to the Mayor to communicate this. The Mayor’s refusal to grant permission was on the grounds of noise effects, so in the letter we offer to work with the GLA in more detail on our proposals for a noise ombudsman.

We are remaining in close touch with partner member London City Airport as it considers its options.

Contact: Richard Dilks,

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