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London business lays down manifesto challenge

Ahead of this year’s political manifestos, influential business group London First has set out a manifesto for how the next government can keep London working, growing the economy and getting the UK into the best possible position ahead of Brexit in 2019.

With input from over 200 of London’s leading businesses, the blueprint sets out three key challenges for a new government:

1. Ensure continued access to talent and skills; give certainty to EU citizens working in the UK, phase in an evidence-based approach to migration and create a step change in education and training for Londoners;
2. Increase investment in infrastructure and housing, underpinned by greater devolution to help fund that investment;
3. Help create better linkages between London, other city-regions and nations of the UK to maximise the country’s overall growth.

Jasmine Whitbread, chief executive of London First said: “The clock is counting down to 2019 and the new government must get the UK in the best possible position for Brexit. An important part of this will be ensuring London remains globally competitive.

Business is clear: we have to remain open to the people this city needs, from London, the UK and around the world, and invest in transport, housing and infrastructure to create growth.

“At a time when central government will be rightly focused on the Brexit negotiations, there is a strong case for government to push the delivery of economic growth to devolved institutions, empowering cities and regions to spur the innovation and productivity gains that will be critical to the UK’s future economic success.”

A pdf of the manifesto is available here.




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