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London business submission

Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has been seeking London’s business opinions to help shape Labour’s manifesto in the run up to the 2016 election. London First has  responded to the consultation in to the areas that best reflect our interest and sphere of influence:

Our response is grounded in a report published earlier this year on behalf of the London Enterprise Panel – London 2036: an agenda for jobs and growth. This report is UK’s first business-led plan for jobs and growth and sets out and agenda for growth through to 2036, when London’s population is expected to reach 10 million.

The next Mayor will have a statutory duty to produce a number of strategic plans for London. This is a critical opportunity to see our key priorities reflected in the work programme of the next Mayoralty. Many of the themes that we have laid out are interconnected, but as a package they summarise the most pressing challenges facing the business community during a time of unprecedented population growth in London.

As we look towards the Mayoral election in May next year we will continue to talk to our about the priorities and make recommendations for how the next Mayor can best go about tackling them. Our aim is to produce a strategic framework for London which is business-led and focused on supporting and delivering jobs and economic growth.

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