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London cycle plan should benefit all road users

London First has long supported better cycling and pedestrian facilities in London and we have a track record of backing initiatives that benefit Londoners, including our proposal in 2003 to introduce Congestion Charging as a means of tackling congestion.

We believe any proposed significant change to TfL’s roads strategy must be viewed in the round, as part of an integrated programme taking into account the impacts not just on cyclists but on all London’s road users – pedestrians, buses and taxis, in particular.

We are currently in a consultation stage, so this is exactly the time that questions should be raised, and considered, to properly understand the full impact of the proposed changes.

London First has raised questions about:

Potential road congestion:

TFL’s consultation document states: “Our latest analysis shows the proposals would mean longer journey times for motorists and bus, coach and taxi passengers along most of the route, both during construction and once complete. There would also be longer journey times for users of many of the roads approaching the proposed route and longer waits for pedestrians at some signalised crossings.”

The impact on business:

In terms of deliveries, servicing and loading, the consultation states:

a. “Parking and loading: We would need to relocate or remove some existing kerbside parking and loading to make space for the cycle track. Please click here for details of proposed changes for specific sections of the route”;
b. “Deliveries and servicing: We continue to work with businesses and freight operators to minimise the impact of these proposals on their operations. If your home or workplace is on or near the proposed route, please let us know if the proposals could affect your deliveries, collections and servicing. We would encourage you to discuss the proposals with companies undertaking these operations.”

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