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London First comment on Transport Committee Aviation Report


This morning, Friday 10 May, the House of Commons Transport Committee published its aviation strategy, calling on the Government to abandon ideas for a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary and instead focus on constructing a 3rd and possible 4th runway at Heathrow.

Read the report on the Parliament website

Commenting on the, London First’s chief executive, Baroness Jo Valentine, said:

“It’s good that the Committee has endorsed the need to build new runways in the South-East, but that will take many years and we need additional air capacity as soon as possible.

“We have to make the existing airports work harder. There is space at Gatwick and Stansted and we can make space at Heathrow by using the two runways more intensively. And we need to invest in the rail links to Gatwick and Stansted, to bring them up to at least the same standard as those to Heathrow.

“That’s what the UK economy needs in the short-term and the government needs to move quickly to ensure that it happens.”

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