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London First publishes ‘A Manifesto for Jobs and Growth’

With less than 100 days to go until the General Election, London First has today released its priority asks of the next Government : A Manifesto for Jobs and Growth: Making London the best city in the world in which to do business

In it, London First has set out its priorities to enable the capital to continue to compete and thrive, helping drive economic growth not only in the city but in the country as a whole.

Our key demands for the next government are:

  •  Infrastructure

Expand and improve transport infrastructure to meet the needs of London’s rapidly expanding population:

–        build an additional runway in the South East

–        maintain momentum on Crossrail 2

–        provide certainty of long-term funding to support London underground upgrading

  •  Housing

Take urgent steps to tackle the housing shortage, giving the Mayor and London government more powers to build the 50,000 homes per year that the capital needs.

  •  Skills

Improve skills of London’s workforce and manage migration effectively to ensure London’s position as a world leader for talent is maintained and strengthened:

–        devolve funding and powers to ensure London manages its own skills strategy for Londoners

–        provide an immigration regime that welcomes those who contribute economically to our country

  •  Tax

Ensure changes to tax policies support economic competitiveness: recognising that tax reform impacts our ability to compete for talent with other cities.

  •  Europe

Play an active and positive role in Europe, leading reform of the European Union from within so EU membership works even better in the UK’s interests, focusing on completion of the Single Market in services as a priority.

Baroness Jo Valentine, Chief Executive of London First, said:

“London has long been seen as one of the best cities in the world in which to work and do business but the strains of London’s success are beginning to show.

“Our established global competitor cities, and new rivals, are all investing in their futures; we need to do the same to remain competitive.

“And this is not just about London: joint working between London and the rest of the UK is vital to support economic growth for the country as a whole.”

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