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London First responds to Conservative Party Manifesto

The Conservative Party has today published its pre-Election Manifesto, laying out its pledges ahead of polling day on 7th May.

In response, John Dickie, Director of Director of Strategy and Policy at London First, said:

“We welcome the Conservatives’ emphasis on improving the UK’s competitiveness and their commitments on tax policy, particularly around Income Tax. However, we remain concerned that this focus on competitiveness is undermined by rhetoric on immigration and the uncertainty created by a referendum on EU membership, neither of which support the UK being open for business.

Increasing home ownership through the sale of housing association properties doesn’t address the real, central housing problem in London, which is far too few new homes are being built.

We also welcome the Conservatives’ commitment to investing in infrastructure, particularly the commitment to pushing forward with Crossrail 2. We would have liked a similar commitment to airport expansion, rather the simple statement that a Conservative Government will ‘respond to the Airports Commission’s final report’ ”

London First has previously set out its own priority asks of the next Government in its ‘Manifesto for Jobs and Growth’, which will enable London to continue to compete and thrive and drive economic growth not only in the capital, but in the country as a whole.

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