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London First responds to TfL’s Crossrail 2 consultation

Today, London First has submitted its response to Transport for London’s consultation on Crossrail 2.

Read our response to TfL’s consultation on Crossrail 2

Consultation responses are now being analysed, and a report on the future of Crossrail 2 will be published later in the year.

London First has been directly involved with the development of the Crossrail 2 project. In late 2011, we established a ‘Crossrail 2’ task force of senior business and transport leaders, under the chairmanship of Andrew Adonis, the former Transport Secretary.

The task force was asked to examine the need for additional transport capacity to meet future demand and support London’s continued competitiveness. In particular, the group was tasked with assessing the case for a new rail line through central London – Crossrail 2.

In May 2012, the task force published its final report, which concluded that a new south-west to north-east (SW-NE) rail line, Crossrail 2, should be built to provide suburban and regional services between Hertfordshire and parts of Surrey and Middlesex, via a new central tunnel between Tottenham and Wimbledon.

In its consultation submission, London First has strongly endorsed this regional route.

Read the task force’s final report

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